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The Top Ten Things That Set Arcadia Apart

Greetings from the shores of Pleasant Lake,

Registration is open for the 2024 season at Camp Arcadia! This will be the 108th summer our Camp family has gathered together for an unparalleled experience for girls aged 7-17. Click here for our dates and rates for the upcoming season.

We are excited to launch our new blog with a series titled, The Top Ten Things That Set Arcadia Apart. There are so many different camps out there and we will use this series to highlight what sets us apart!

Next up in the series is One Camp, One Family which will delve into explaining how this community becomes a true sisterhood for each Arcadian’s lifetime. We intentionally develop experiences across each day where older and younger campers learn from each other to develop our camp family. I remember my summer sisters (and brothers!) fondly!

Warm Regards,

Julie Vincentsen

Camp Arcadia Alumna 1983-1993



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