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Winter Chippy 2018

Updated: Jan 22, 2018

Camp Arcadia

by Kareese Phelps




Pine trees

Amazing Leadership

Ridiculous (just kidding) Excellence

Cool Victory

Awesome Excitement

Daring girls Loyalty

Independent Sisterhood



by Caroline Linton







A Story

by Anonymous

Once upon a times, there was a girl, or to be exact, a Princess, but she didn’t want to be a Princess. She wanted to be crazy and get her hands dirty. But no! She had to wear a pretty pink dress and balance a dumb tiara on her head.

One day as she was wandering around the palace garden, she saw a little girl about the same age as she was and she looked very similar to Princess Amara, only her name was Grace and she longed to be a Princess. Grace was poor and was always dirty and being crazy.

Amara and Grace decided to switch spots. They both felt free at first, but then they both realized that it didn’t feel right. Something was just wrong! Amara and Grace didn’t feel like themselves like they thought they would so they both switched back.

Both of the girls then realized that being yourself is the best that you can be which, in Amara’s case, was a Princess and Grace, a poor city girl. But they could still dream…

Poem for Chippy

by Matisse Racek

We live in the pines

every year, every day.

It always makes me smile.

The smell of fresh pine

fills my heart with joy


by Caroline Linton

A true representation

of sisters