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Winter Chippy 2018

Updated: Jan 22, 2018

Camp Arcadia

by Kareese Phelps




Pine trees

Amazing Leadership

Ridiculous (just kidding) Excellence

Cool Victory

Awesome Excitement

Daring girls Loyalty

Independent Sisterhood



by Caroline Linton







A Story

by Anonymous

Once upon a times, there was a girl, or to be exact, a Princess, but she didn’t want to be a Princess. She wanted to be crazy and get her hands dirty. But no! She had to wear a pretty pink dress and balance a dumb tiara on her head.

One day as she was wandering around the palace garden, she saw a little girl about the same age as she was and she looked very similar to Princess Amara, only her name was Grace and she longed to be a Princess. Grace was poor and was always dirty and being crazy.

Amara and Grace decided to switch spots. They both felt free at first, but then they both realized that it didn’t feel right. Something was just wrong! Amara and Grace didn’t feel like themselves like they thought they would so they both switched back.

Both of the girls then realized that being yourself is the best that you can be which, in Amara’s case, was a Princess and Grace, a poor city girl. But they could still dream…

Poem for Chippy

by Matisse Racek

We live in the pines

every year, every day.

It always makes me smile.

The smell of fresh pine

fills my heart with joy


by Caroline Linton

A true representation

of sisters

Friendships kept throughout

the years

picking up as if you

never left

Working together to

create laughter,

love and happiness.

Tuesday, August 1st

by Haley Southwick

A Journal Entry

Today, I had a really great day. Many of the girls in my cabin are on trips so it’s very peaceful during general times. For breakfast, we had pancakes and sausage which I love. I sat at Allen’s table and it was a lot of fun. During first period, I made a lashing table for my 3rd level Campcraft. 2nd period, I went to the Arcadia-Birch Rock Archery tournament to cheer on Anna, Julia, Elene, Gill and Izzy. I saw a boy whom I met at testing camp and we got to catch up on how we think we did. I stayed until the second to last round when I went back to Campcraft to make a fire for marshmallows.

When they came over to Campcraft, Anna told me that she got 2nd to Hunter, who was the boy from testing camp. We had sandwiches for lunch and, then, Charlotte read out the results. Arcadia won by more than 300 points!!!

Third period, Anna and I went to Canoeing to work on our level. We did a bunch of PERFECT dock landings. Then the entire Canoeing staff plus our Ambassadors/ Legends flipped over our canoe! We were so happy! Anna and I got our Basic Paddle! I am so excited! For the rest of 3rd and 4th periods, we hung out in the canoe filled with water and, then, we made an awesome sand castle. For supper, we had grilled cheese and I was so happy. Unit evening was watching “Hidden Figures” which is such a good movie. Over all, I had a really amazing day!

A Dog’s Tale

by Haley Wyatt

In a small cottage in the hills lived a quiet boy named Collin. Collin had always wanted to go to nature camp, but he never had enough money. He tried having bake sales and lemonade stands, but he was so far out in the hills, he never made much income.

One day when Collin was having a bake sale, an English cream retriever came up wagging its tail.

“Hey, there, fellow,” Collin said.

He walked around the table holding a cookie and saw that the retriever didn’t have a collar.

“Where’s your collar?” he asked the dog.

“Arf!” the dog replied, coming up to Collin and sniffing his hand with the cookie.

Collin fed the dog the cookie he was holding and it gobbled it…happily! Since the dog did not have a collar and the dog was a girl, he decided to name her Alice.

A week after Collin found Alice, he was reading the newspaper when he stumbled upon a missing dog ad with a photo of a dog that looked like Alice. The ad had a number to call and Collin decided to call.

“Mmmmm, yes. I understand. You can come as soon as tomorrow.”

Collin hung up the phone.

“I am sorry, girl,” Collin said to Alice. “But you have to go back home tomorrow to your rightful owner.”

Alice whimpered.

“I know. I’m sorry, too.” he said.

Collin moved around, packing up Alice’s stuff.

Tomorrow quickly became today!

“Stella!” her owner cried.

“Arf! Arf! Arf!” Alice/Stella barked and barked joyfully.

“Thank you so much for taking good care of her.” Stella’s owner said.

“You’re welcome,” Collin replied. “Bye, girl,” he said to Stella.

“Arrf!” Stella whimpered sadly.

“Goodbye,” Collin said.

“Arrf” Stella replied.

“I will remember you forever,” he whispered.

Tell us where at camp these photos were taken!


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