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Why Arcadia?

We are frequently asked two essential questions by parents: “Why should I send my daughter to camp?” and “Will my daughter get something out of camp that she cannot get at home or in school?” At Camp Arcadia each girl grows in new and unique ways. First-hand experiential learning in a rustic environment provides girls with an opportunity to gain knowledge not found in the classroom. Arcadia is a place where campers learn to understand themselves, rely on their abilities, and develop new skills in an encouraging environment. At Arcadia, girls are actively involved in pursuing interests, understanding the natural world around them, living happily with others and building life-long friendships.

Our Program

Summer days fly by as our campers participate in fun and adventurous activities in the arts, sports, horse riding, nature, sailing, kayaking, boating, hiking, and canoeing. Our program is full, and our girls experience the thrill of learning and doing for themselves in a technology free environment.

We are convinced more than ever that experiencing Arcadia gives young girls of today the balance they need to take their place as a leader.

Camp Arcadia Waterfront

Our Mission

Make the world better and more beautiful because you have been
in it.

Our Goals

1. To build confidence and skills so that girls will find their place in the world, contribute to the diverse communities to which they belong, and include others in their adventures.

2. To encourage healthy risk taking through the exploration of new areas of learning and group living so girls will have the confidence to listen with compassion, take initiative with unselfishness, and face new challenges with strength.

3. To heighten their sensitivity to and awareness of the outdoors so girls will respect and care for living things, the environment, and one another.

4. To develop interpersonal skills, establish lasting friendships, and cultivate understanding and respect for others who may be different from them, including, but not limited to, individuals of varying abilities, cultures, genders, races, and faith traditions.

Camp Arcadia horse Riding
Getting ready for Camp Arcadia Fire
Sunday at Camp Arcadia
Archery At Arcadia
Friendship at Camp Arcadia for Girls

Our Campers

Campers from differing backgrounds range in age from 7 to 17 and come from not just the United States but from countries around the world. Campers include second, third, fourth and even fifth generation Arcadians. Twenty-three lodges scattered across an open field along the shores of Pleasant Lake house close-knit camper families that meld with the larger Arcadia community to create a joyful and supportive environment.

Friendship at Arcadia.jpg

Our Location

Camp Arcadia is located on 365 acres in the Sebago Lake Region of Southern Maine.

We choose to be accredited by ACA because accreditation is a parent’s best evidence of a camp’s commitment to health and safety. 

American Camp Association

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