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Giving to Camp Arcadia, Inc.

Thank you for considering making a gift to Camp Arcadia. 

We have listed below a few pieces of equipment and buildings that are on our “wish list” because we think they would help enhance camp.

•  PFDs - $30

•  Wooden canoe paddles (10 needed) - $40 - 50 each

•  Spice kit for Trips - $100

•  Camping Dry Box for Canoe Trips - $150 - 200

•  Safety walkie talkies - $200 each

•  Rain gardens - $200 per garden

•  Professional blender - $350

•  Photocopier/Printer - $1,000

•  Dewalt power tool kit - $1,000

•  Paddleboard - $1,000 each

•  Re-canvas red canoes - $2,000 each

•  Weatherproof ping pong table - $5,000

•  Erosion control - $10,000 

Direct cash donations are always accepted as well.


Red Canoe Society:  Anyone who donates for three or more consecutive years will become a member. Consistency matters!


Juliette Meylan Henderson Society:  Anyone who donates monthly — in any amount — for 12 months or more will become a member. Ten dollars a month is $120 in a year. Fifty dollars a month is $600 in a year. What a difference consistency makes!


Finally, if you have ideas or questions about others ways you can support Camp Arcadia, we would be interested in hearing from you.


Thank you again for your help and support.


Louise Fritts Johnson


Gifts to Camp Arcadia, Inc are not tax deductible. 

Online. (click below)
By mail.

Please send checks, made out to Camp Arcadia Inc:

Louise Fritts Johnson
46 Goodwives River 

Darien, CT 06820

“I had a wonderful time at Camp, and I hope that I will be able to help out again in this fashion in the future! It was such a pleasure working in the Canoeing Department and being with all the docklanders and paddlers. ” 

—  Camp Arcadia alumn and Canoeing Counselor


  • Ambassador Application 2022
    Arcadia’s needs are joined with an individual's interests and talents. There are many combinations of ways to contribute as an Ambassador. An Ambassador is provided with lodging and meals. The amount of time you give varies from a few days to a couple of weeks.
Alumna and long-time friends
Waterfront, H-Dock
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