Frequently asked questions

Who should apply to work at Arcadia?

If you are a warm, nurturing and hardworking person who is 19 or has completed at least the first year of college and who loves working with children.

When can I expect to have time off?

Time off
Short periods throughout each day allow for time off 12-hour to 24-hour off each week.
We are located 50 minutes from Portland and 40 minutes from Freeport
Past day off choices have been baseball games, tubing down the Saco River, going to a trampoline park, picnicking, hiking, shopping or simply relaxing.

Can I have my phone with me all the time and is there Wi-Fi?

Counselors are encouraged to bring phones and laptops to camp for time-off use. Our campers are technology free for the summer so phones are not permitted in the cabins or while working with the campers. We have Wi-Fi, but as we are in the woods of Maine – it is somewhat limited. Mail and package service is available during the summer.

Does everyone wear a uniform?

At Arcadia, we all wear a blue uniform. T-shirt tops are provided to staff and you provide the bottoms. Ideally, fleeces, pants, shorts and swimsuits should be blue as well. However, you may wear clothing items that are neutral colors such as grey or black.

How much will I be paid and when can I expect it?

We offer a competitive camp salary which is dependent upon your experience and will be paid every two weeks. We provide you with your housing, food and laundry service while you are employed. As a seasonal camp we are not set-up for direct deposit. Staff have the option of receiving their salaries on debit cards or in checks. Bonuses are paid at the start of camp and travel reimbursement is paid at the end.

I have never been to Arcadia. Will I feel included as a staff member?

Summer after summer we have a great mix of returning and new staff, from many different states and from countries all over the world. While we love and are proud of our returning staff, we are excited each summer by our new staff, who enrich our community with novel ideas and activities. New staff rapidly become assimilated.

What is the camp culture like?

Arcadia has been owned and operated by the same family since 1916. We have a strong and supportive environment and once you are at Camp, you are family. We have many traditions: singing, campfire, celebrations, opening and closing candlelight ceremonies and banquets among many others. We are a very busy camp, offering over 22 activities for our campers. All of our campers have the opportunity to go out on trips. Staff can also volunteer to go on some trips. While we work hard, we have lots of fun too. You will make lifelong friends and memories.

What can I expect a typical day to be like?

Wake up- 7:30 am
Two activity periods
General Swim
Rest Hour
Two activity periods
General Swim
Evening Program
Bed time –Between 8 and 10pm

I notice that some positions require certifications – why is that and how does it work?

Safety is of up-most importance at Arcadia. Therefore, most of our staff must have a minimum of First Aid and CPR. Waterfront counselors must be certified lifeguards and our Trips, Canoeing and Campcraft staff must have Wilderness First Aid. We encourage hired staff to get their certifications prior to coming to camp and we reimburse a portion of the cost. We can assist you in finding a course if needed.

Does Camp Arcadia offer any internships opportunities?

Arcadia does provide opportunities for internship credit. Some examples are Small Business Administration, Horse Care, Education, Counseling and more. We have senior staff who are able to supervise many types of internships.

Why should I choose Arcadia for my summer job?

Working at a summer camp is a unique, fun and challenging job which will develop many life skills that will help you in other areas of life and in other positions. You will develop leadership skills, learn how to manage your time, learn how to interact with different types of people, learn how to problem solve and to work hard! Arcadia is a very special place and our staff form lifelong friendships (just as our campers do). Becoming an Arcadian staff member will be a decision that you will always value, cherish and never regret!