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At Arcadia we recognize that each girl is her own person with her own talents.  We have many ways in which our campers gain recognition.



Each activity is divided into four levels of skill.  In a camper’s first summer at Arcadia she begins on the first level in each activity in which she participates.  Each level has 10 or so skills that the campers learn and in which they shows proficiency.  Once a camper has learned and demonstrated her proficiency she attains a level and moves to the next level in that activity. Campers new to Arcadia are evaluated and are moved to their appropriate level.

At Campfire on Saturday of each week we recognize campers who have attained levels that week by calling the girls names individually and they come to the Director in front of the campers to receive the level.

Fruit Bowl

Living together in a community is great fun, and we all need to learn to live together and to take care of our personal space and items.  Each day after breakfast we head to our cabins for clean up.  During clean up each girl learns makes her own bed, organizes her personal space and manage a chore for the cabin.  Each day the cabins are inspected by a secret inspector.  Every two weeks fruit bowls are awarded to the neatest cabins in each age group.


Every two weeks the campers in each age group selects a camper of their peers who have made a significant impact in their group living. Each selected camper who represents her age group at Campfire and at Sunday Meeting.

Activity Recognition

The counselors in each activity at the close of the summer recognize campers in their activity in one or more of the following areas:  skill, improvement, attitude, cooperation and interest in learning.

Canoe Camper

Each summer the counselor staff recognizes the girls who have made outstanding contributions to the summer through their personal qualities which have influenced those with whom they have lived.

Levels and Recognition

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