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Share Camp Arcadia with your daughter, granddaughter or niece

We would love to have you come back to Camp Arcadia to visit and share the experience with your daughter, granddaughter or niece.  We believe one of the best ways to introduce young people to a new experience is by experiencing it with them.  Therefore, we have created an opportunity for you and your future Arcadian to come for an extended stay.  You will receive a tour to introduce your future Arcadian to Camp and then she will have the opportunity to participate in a day at Arcadia, go to activities, attend General Swim, and maybe go to Campfire and Sunday Meeting.

Once you fill out the form below we will send you a packing list and plan your visit.  Please note we have limited availability, space for one family at a time, we offer week day and weekend options, and your stay can be customized to your time availability.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about sharing Camp Arcadia with your future Arcadian.

We look forward to greeting you on the shores of Pleasant Lake.


Warm Regards,

Louise Fritts Johnson



My sister, 8, visited Arcadia this summer and she is sold. Already singing the songs from her new songbook, she cannot wait to return as a first year plebe. Coming into the weekend we visited, she was a picky eater, quiet among new friends, and nervous about leaving home. By the end of the weekend, she had tried three new foods, had made three new friends, and asked if she could stay another week. The program helped her integrate seamlessly and the junior counselors gave her the guidance she needed during her weekend. She can't wait for 2-0-1-9!

I recommend this program to anyone thinking about it with a young future camper in their life. Selfishly, it was glorious to relive my camper days through the eyes of my sister. I can't wait to continue the Arcadia spirit in our family!

-Camp Arcadia alumn and counselor


One of things that I enjoyed most was being able to show my daughter around. It was fun to have her there and know that CA remains the same....not a lot has changed. My daughter enjoyed being with the juniors during their activity periods. Camp Arcadia always holds a special place in our family.

-Camp Arcadia Alumn

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