Our Mission

Make the world better and more beautiful because you have been
in it.

Our Goals

1. To build confidence and skills so that girls will find their place in the world, contribute to the diverse communities to which they belong, and include others in their adventures.

2. To encourage healthy risk taking through the exploration of new areas of learning and group living so girls will have the confidence to listen with compassion, take initiative with unselfishness, and face new challenges with strength.

3. To heighten their sensitivity to and awareness of the outdoors so girls will respect and care for living things, the environment, and one another.

4. To develop interpersonal skills, establish lasting friendships, and cultivate understanding and respect for others who may be different from them, including, but not limited to, individuals of varying abilities, cultures, genders, races, and faith traditions.

Future Families
Current Families
Teaching 21 century skills since the 20 century!

Camp Arcadia has been operated by the same family for four generations. Since 1916, Arcadia has been fortifying young girls and women 7 to 17 years old with life skills that will serve them well into adulthood. Camp builds self-confidence, friendships that last a lifetime, and the self-assurance to help girls understand who they are and how they fit into the world. 


Our group living experience combined with an extensive activity program provide opportunities to expand individual interests and allow for personal growth. We invite you to experience Arcadia.

Camp 2022

Full Season: June 24 - August 10

1st Session: June 24 - July 9 (current 4th & 5th grade units are full)

2nd Session: July 10 - August 10

2A Session: July 10 - July 23 (Full)

2B Session: July 24 - August 10 (current 1st - 5th graders only)

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Camp Arcadia Riding


Camp Arcadia Friendship


  Make the world better and more  

 beautiful because you've been in it 

Every year I go to camp and I feel free.

I don’t worry about how I look and what others think of me.  I can be myself.  I can be expressive in ways that I could not anywhere else.  Camp is my second home.  When I leave Arcadia a part of me stays there, and when I come back I am whole again.  I love going to camp as I do not think I would complete without it.  The people I have to gotten to know there are life-long friends. They are irreplaceable.”

First generation, 14 year old current camper