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The Top Ten Things That Set Arcadia Apart: #1 One Camp, One Family

Greetings from the shores of Pleasant Lake,

The 2024 season will be the 108th summer our Camp family has gathered together for an unparalleled experience for girls aged 7-17. Click here for more information and here to register.

Our summer community becomes a true sisterhood for each Arcadian’s lifetime. We intentionally develop experiences across each day where older and younger campers learn from each other to develop our camp family. From how we sit in the Dining Room, to morning assembly, participation in activities and Saturday’s Campfire, we come together frequently as one camp; as one family. This provides older campers many opportunities for leadership development; it also allows our younger campers to learn about what their future at Arcadia holds as our program develops.

Let me delve deeper into one example - the Dining Room. For breakfast and dinner we eat in the Dining Room; lunch is outside on picnic tables with open seating. Tables are assigned each week with 6 campers, one from each age group, and two counselors. At meal time stories abound of adventures during the day’s activities, fun times with friends in the cabin, and the excitement of trips to the lakes, rivers and mountains of Maine and New Hampshire. At the end of the meal we sing lots of camp songs which is another shared point of joy in our day! Together this table group forms relationships that connect old and young and further strengthens our philosophy that we will create one camp that is our summer family.

Interested in learning more? Let’s connect! Would you like to set up a time to have a virtual tour over Zoom, talk on the phone, or text about the Arcadian experience? Do not hesitate to reach me on my cell at 508-981-1574 to set up a time. I can also visit you in your home if you would prefer to meet in person. You can also schedule a time by clicking here.

What feels like the best next step for your family? Let me know; I look forward to connecting.

Warm Regards,

Julie Vincentsen

Camp Arcadia Alumna 1983-1993

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