We will be back and better than ever in summer 2021

For almost a year we have been working on re-imagining Camp Arcadia for 2021.  Our themes for 2021 are safety and simplicity and lots of fun.

We are pleased to share with you part of our fluid plans. We will be transparent with you throughout the spring and summer. Our current plan is conservative based on the current situation and guidelines.

Last fall we organized our COVID-19 Medical Advisors headed by Cindy Murphy, Assistant Director and Jane Loxterkamp, Director of Residential Living and Inclusion. They have been working with the American Camping Association, the ACA- New England, Maine Summer Camps and local and state health departments so we can enjoy a healthy and much needed time in Maine. Details of our plans will be part of our Guide to Arcadia that will be available in the spring.

Summer 2021 Frequently Asked Questions

Current as of January 26th, 2021.

What are our dates for the summer of 2021?

Our dates are listed on our "2021 Dates and Rates" page. We have seven, two, and five week sessions available.

Are there still spaces available?

Several of our two week sessions are full, and we are accepting girls for a waitlist.

Three camps in one. What does that mean?

At this time, in the beginning of the summer, we will function as three mini camps in one. Campers currently in 1 – 5 grades are grouped together, 6 and 7 grades are together, and 8 – 12 grades are together. Each of these camps will eat, go to activities, and spend free time together. The days will be filled with fun, friendship and enjoying all of the activities Arcadia has to offer including a few new activities that are just for fun like dirt to dessert, field games and fitness. Campers and counselors will live as households. Each lodge building will be a household (for example: Chickadee North & South, Plebe 1 & 2, Point South, and Club will each be considered separate households)


We have grouped our activities into activity pods. Each mini camp is assigned to a pod for the morning two activity periods and then a different pod for the afternoon and a third pod for the evening.

Traveling to Arcadia

More details will be shared as we get closer to June 25. Currently, we are planning for a staggered, quick drop off. As you start to plan your travel to Maine, please make sure you are aware of travel guidelines in Maine. https://visitmaine.com/travel-protocols We are currently evaluating the safety of arriving by plane and bus. We will share our findings in the next few weeks. Due to the current pandemic we are not able to allow visitors at Arcadia this summer. We are planning a virtual visit towards the end of July. Details to follow.

Responsible Living before Camp

Staff and campers will be asked to live responsibly, participating in COVID low-risk activities prior to arriving at Arcadia. More details of “Responsible Living“ will be shared later in the spring, and it will include protocols like restricting travel and exposure.


Our Medical Team is currently investigating testing options and will make a recommendation. Daily health screening has been built into our daily plan.

Our Medical Team

Our Healthcare Center Team is made up of three RNs, and EMT and two nursing assistants. The Healthcare Center Team is supervised by Cindy Murphy and Jane Loxterkamp. Cindy and Jane have been working with our Medical Advisors who have been focusing this winter on the development of health protocols. Our Medical Advisors are: ~ Jennifer Wallace, MD ~ Casey Groth, RN ~ Lynne Moronski, RN ~ Holly Graham, EMT ~ Karen Mitchell – LCSW ~ Andrea Bowen, Educator

Masks and Sanitizing

Our Medical Team is currently reviewing Mask and Sanitizing recommendations. At the moment we will ask families to wear masks while traveling to Arcadia and during check-in. Everyone at Camp will wear masks (each mini camp will have different colored masks) when moving between activities, to and from meals and any other times when they may come into contact with the other mini camps. When campers and counselors are in their household masks will not need to be worn. Campers and Counselors will wash/sanitize their hands upon entering and departing buildings and activities. All buildings, activity areas and equipment will be appropriately sanitized on a regular basis. Mask wearing protocols will greatly depend on testing and current medical recommendations.


We will continue to have the great food we always had, but it will be different as we will be eating, at least in the beginning, with our mini camps. Therefore, there will only be 1/3 of the camp in the dining room with new ceiling fans at a time. Many outdoor meals are planned with new picnic tables.