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2022 Dates

Full Season: June 24 - August 10

1st Session: June 24 - July 9 (current 4th grade unit is full)

2A Session: July 10 - July 23 (current 4th - 5th graders only)

2B Session: July 24 - August 10 (current 1st - 5th graders only)

2nd Session: July 10 - August 10

Camp Checklist


☐   Newsletter: “Guide to Arcadia” and forms to be filled out (If you missed the email or previous newsletters, they are on the Newsletters page)

☐   Tuition is due March 31st

☐   Talk to your daughter about her personal and activity goals and expectations

☐   Make hotel reservations: Arrival Day and Pick-Up Day (button to suggested locations is below)

☐   Review packing list with your daughter

☐   Schedule your daughter’s physical with her doctor


☐   Newsletter: What is new in 2022 and how to handle homesickness

☐   All forms due by April 15, 2022

☐   Sign up for your daughter's unit “Get ready for summer” Zoom meeting


         - Junior Unit (1-3 grade): 

         - 1st year Plebe (4th grade): 

         - 2nd year Plebe (5th grade): 

         - 1st year Senior (6th grade): 

         - 2nd year Senior (7th grade): 


☐   Newsletter: Medical and Staff update

☐   Pack camp gear

☐   Review uniform with your daughter

☐   Medical forms due by May 15, 2022 (Fax or email the Immunization form to 203-285-6133 or to office@camparcadia.com)

Late May

☐   Newsletter: Opening Day



☐   Newsletter: Last-minute details

☐   Ship your daughter’s trunk

You are our greatest ambassadors! If you know a family that would be interested in the camping experience let us know!


Camp Resources