Arts & Humanities

  Arts & Crafts  
Our beautiful setting is the perfect place to inspire our campers to develop a love of the arts. We are looking for energetic, awe inspiring art instructors to teach our campers. Ideally our instructors have experience teaching art to children.
  Arts & Crafts  

All aspects of the theater are taught: acting, backstage, set design, performance, directing. If you are a theater major or have experience working in children’s theater, you may be very interested in joining us for the summer. Fostering a child’s creativity and helping her to realize her potential in any aspect of theater is our focus.


Arcadia is located in the Maine woods on a stunning lake.  Share your knowledge of the natural world exploring camp’s 365 acres and mile of shoreline.  Introduce campers to the wildlife, ecology and the importance of conservation.  Help campers share what they have learned about the natural world around them with the rest of the camp. 

 & Gymnastics 
Music and movement abounds in the upper field! Our campers enjoy learning all types of dance from ballet, to jazz, to modern and hip-hop. Gymnastics, taught on mats, focuses on floor routines and basic tumbling. Come enjoy teaching in our beautiful outdoor setting.
 & Gymnastics 

Our music program includes private lessons in piano and voice and has also covered guitar, saxophone, violin, and other musical instruments. Each summer is a bit different depending upon the camper interest and skill. In addition, teaching this activity includes music history, theory, notation, interpretation, sight singing, ear training and appreciation.

 Weaving &  
 Fiber Arts 

Arcadia has a wide variety of looms including frame looms, table looms, inkle looms and floor looms. Campers make small projects like purses and god’s eyes and larger projects such as rugs and belts.


Sports & Waterfront

Do you have love archery and want to pass on that love to campers of all ages and abilities? Campers at Arcadia engage in all-camp and inter-camp competitions as well as challenging themselves to improve. A Level one Archery certification and First Aid and CPR are required  
Arcadia has an extensive in-camp outdoor living skills program known as Campcraft. The Campcraft program includes everything from fire building and cooking out-of-doors and to star gazing and map reading. We want our campers to learn to be confident and competent in the out-of-doors. Our campers use their skills during the summer on canoeing and hiking trips in Maine and New Hampshire. Counselors are required to have Wilderness First Aid.

Share your knowledge of crew and boating. You will teach campers to row confidently using a variety of strokes, to row in tandem and solo and tie knots they will be able to use in many areas of their lives.

All waterfront staff are required to be lifeguards.  We can assist in locating a course if you are not already trained.


Our canoeing staff work together to teach our campers all aspects of canoeing through games, skill instruction and practice. Campers practice their skills on our lake and on lake and river trips throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and Canada. Canoeing staff are required to have Wilderness First Aid and American Red Cross Lifeguard Training.


Share your skills with our campers by teaching them forward pikes, back dives and somersault dives on our beautiful lake. Experience in the excitement of a camper’s first front dive off the diving board to a more advanced diver’s first successful inward dive. Our diving instructor is part of the swimming department and teaches swimming to campers of all abilities as well.

All waterfront staff are required to be lifeguards.  We can assist in locating a course if you are not already trained.


Our Sailing instructors teach campers of all skill levels using 420s, Hobie Ones, Optis and Lasers. Beginning sailors learn how to rig a boat, wind theory and tack and jibe as part of a crew. More advanced sailors learn to skipper, make basic boat repairs and on a day with a good stiff wind, use a trapeze. In addition to teaching campers to sail for the enjoyment of recreational sailing, campers learn skills needed to race sailboats and participate in regattas. All waterfront staff are required to be lifeguards.  We can assist in locating a course if you are not already trained.

  Kayaking & 
  Paddle Boarding 

Campers learn to confidently paddle a kayak using a variety of strokes, how to exit a capsized kayak and make water rescues using a kayak. As campers develop their skills they paddle beyond our waterfront to our remote campsites on Pleasant Lake as well on kayak/ canoe trips on nearby lakes.

All waterfront staff are required to be lifeguards.  We can assist in locating a course if you are not already trained.


At Arcadia campers learn English riding and to how to groom and care for horses. They also participate in horse shows and gymkhanas at Arcadia and other camps. Trail rides take campers through the pine woods, up dirt roads to views of the White Mountains and down to our lake. We have 6-8 horses available for our campers. Counselors are required to be certified in First Aid and CPR.


This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce campers to synchronized swimming, teaching them the synch strokes, to scull effectively and the basic figures including the tub and the oyster. Campers with experience work on advanced figures and create routines set to their favorite music. Our synchronized swimming instructor is a part of our swimming department and teaches swimming skills to campers of all ages as well. All waterfront staff are required to be lifeguards.  We can assist in locating a course if you are not already trained.


Our beautiful lake is the perfect setting to teach our campers their skills from beginner to advanced swimmer. Our program is based on the American Red Cross levels. In addition to learning and perfecting their strokes, campers learn a wide range of rescue and water safety skills, including survival floating, reaching and throwing rescues.

All waterfront staff are required to be lifeguards. Swimming staff are encouraged to be certified as Water Safety Instructors.  We can assist in locating a course if you are not already trained.

  Hiking Trips  

Our trip staff teaches campers how to be confident and successful in the out-of-doors from completing a hike to being a good steward of the environment and other important life lessons. If you are an outdoor enthusiast with a passion and strong experience for hiking, this is the position for you. Canoeing experience is beneficial. Trips staff are required to have Wilderness First Aid.


Our campers range from beginners to advanced tennis players. We have four all weather courts on which to teach and to use during unscheduled tennis times. For our campers under age 10, we use the Quick Start program.


General Staff, Health, & Kitchen

  General Counselor  

We hire counselors to work with our youngest campers and assist them to have successful summers at Arcadia. If you are a creative and fun-loving person who is not afraid to play games this is the position for you. Experience working with children is essential as you will be working with campers aged 7-9 Most of our general counselor staff are lifeguards (or eligible to be trained). General counselors must be comfortable swimming in our lake and being around horses.

  Kitchen Manager  
  & Head Chef  

Come work in our busy, fast- paced kitchen. We are looking for someone with kitchen management experience who has creative ideas for feeding children. Our kitchen feeds approximately 250 each day. Positive outlook and sense of humor is a must.

  Kitchen/ Housekeeping  

We have a very busy kitchen in the summer! If you are interested in the culinary arts or learning about how to work in a kitchen, this is the position for you! This can be a residential or commuter position.

Housekeeping staff ensure the cleanliness of all community areas.


We have a very busy kitchen in the summer! If you have experience working in a fast paced environment serving volume, this is the position for you. 


Come work with the children of staff members who live with their parents. Our cub counselors are nannies/

counselors who play with, teach and care for these children. If you have a background in early childhood education, are energetic, flexible and have a love of the out-of-doors, you will make a great cub counselor. We prefer cub counselors who have lifeguard certification or are eligible to become a lifeguard.


Our driver is an important part of the staff. Whether you are getting supplies, driving trips or planning fun “off-camp” activities for staff you are invaluable. We are looking for someone with a knowledge of Maine and New Hampshire, clean driving record and over 21 with at least 3 years driving experience.

  Office Staff  

The Arcadia camp office is a busy and dynamic place. Our office staff is organized, professional and flexible with a good sense of humor. Responsibilities include answering the phone, computer work and collecting and distributing mail. This position can be residential or commuter.


We have a barn with six horses and our groom is responsible for maintaining the stables, feeding the horses and monitoring their health.


Camp Arcadia is a 365+ Acre property that comes alive every summer with 250 people. We are looking for maintenance staff that have experience with grounds keeping, handy man skills and painting skills. Experience with carpentry, plumbing and electricity is preferred. A valid driver’s license and clean driving record is a required.

IMG_9884 (2)_edited.jpg

Our nurses work as a team to provide for the health care and well-being of our campers. Their primary concern is the physical and emotional health of campers. This includes giving appropriate support and guidance to the counselors who live and work with campers. Nurses at Arcadia make a tremendous difference in the well-being of the whole camp family.

  Residential Life  

Residential Life Assistants are responsible for supporting the well-being of campers.  This includes working directly with campers and staff to ensure a successful summer is had by all. Residential Life Assistants will work collaboratively with the Head of Residential Life and Inclusion to pro-actively implement strategies that will encourage cooperative community living and engagement in all aspects of camp life.

Successful Residential Life Assistants will possess strength-based and inclusive attitudes. Flexibility, energy, calmness, and fun are essential dispositions for this position. While they may feel most comfortable with certain age spans, they will be willing to work with any age camper and their counselors to support a successful summer.