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Leadership Training

For many years Camp Arcadia has offered leadership training for young women who have completed eighth grade through twelfth grade.  The program progresses from short periods of responsibility to a full activity program and professional training.  The result is enrichment, growth, confidence and certification.

Our Leadership Training focuses on: Communication Skills, Time Management and Organizational Skills, Teaching Skills, Conflict Resolution, Child Development and Counseloring and Guidance. We believe that attaining these skills will allow the participants to interact confidently, not only with younger children in a camp setting, but also with their peers and older adults as they move from their home environment into the larger world of college and employment.


There are several certifications available at different stages of our Leadership Training Program:

  • American Red Cross Lifeguard Training

  • American Red Cross CPR and First Aid

  • Junior Maine Guide Certification given by the State of Maine

  • Camp Arcadia Basic Certification

  • Camp Arcadia Advanced Certification


Leadership Training is offered to all campers who have finished eighth through twelfth grades.  Beginning with short term assistance campers learn how to help lead younger girls in activities, recreation and lodge living.  After campers have finished tenth grade they are eligible to continue with their leadership training and may also participate in Leadership Certification, should they so desire.


Counselor Training Group

After 10th, 11th and 12th grades


Members of the Counselor Training Group often have many goals for the summer.  Each CTG counselor is responsible for helping each CTG camper focus and achieve her goals for the summer.  During the first few days of Camp CRG counselors meet with their assigned campers to discuss and help set the CTG campers’ goals for the summer.  Once a week the counselors will have a one-on-one meeting with the campers to check in on their goals and how their summer is going.


Joining in the Counselor Training Group allows for privileges and responsibilities and participation in traditions and special events.  Basic and Advanced Leadership Certification is optional and includes Apprentice, Assistant and Instructor levels of teaching.

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