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Beginning at Arcadia

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Starting At Camp

The decision to send one's child to sleep-away camp can be daunting for parents. Will my daughter be happy? Will she get the care she needs? Will she gain confidence, learn new skills and make new friends? Will she be able to manage living away from home for one, two, four or seven weeks? Is she ready for camp?


At Arcadia we focus very significant attention on the experience we provide for our campers. We value our campers, we understand their needs and abilities and we know how to provide for them. Arcadia's campers are in every sense “happy campers!"

Camp Arcadia's Support for Your Camper

Creating a nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment for campers begins with leadership. Our Residential Life Team has an extensive background in the education of children and in supervising those who work with them. They serve as a teaching mentor for the counselors, they keep in close touch with each camper's progress throughout her time at Camp, and communicates regularly with our Directors and with the parents.

We train our counselor staff to understand the characteristics and needs of the children they live and work with. We take special care in our interview process and our ten days pre-camp orientation period to ensure that our counselors are compassionate and responsible and that they understand their role in guiding and nurturing children.

  Camp Leadership  

  The Staff  


“As parents, we are always looking to provide our children with the best possible and most rewarding experiences to help them grow, learn and develop into confident teens and adults.  The Arcadia experience it truly unique in this regard as it develops so many of the traits we want our daughter to develop. The Arcadia experience is unmatched.   

2018 Arcadian Parent

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Activity Program

We structure our activity program to meet all camper's needs and abilities. They make their own decisions on what activities they participate in, based on those chosen by them and their parents before getting to camp. Each day they are offered a choice of activities for people at their level.


At Arcadia a welcoming attitude, careful supervision, encouragement, active, hands-on, multi-sensory learning, and having fun are essential for each camper’s experience. These are teaching fundamentals we instill in our counselors and reinforce in a variety of ways throughout each summer.


We are always amazed by how much our campers learn, how their decision-making gets better and how much pure fun they have in their weeks at Arcadia!


Arcadia is proud of the experience we provide for our campers. We encourage you to see for yourself what Arcadia can do for your daughter.

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