Highlights from out monthly newsletters

We understand that you're a busy parent who probably receives a lot of emails during the day. No need to try and find the most recent newsletter email about this summer in your inbox. Below are the most important points from our monthly newsletters.

Camper Arrival

If you are starting to make your travel plans, please note we are one hour from Portland and three hours from Boston by car. Read more...

Overall Health

We are working with the American Camping Association, ACA New England, Maine Summer Camps and local and state Read more...

Camper Activity Schedule

Each camper indicates her choice of elective activities in the spring and will be provided with her unique schedule upon... Read More... 


Hiking and Canoeing trips are available for all campers, regardless of age or experience. Read more...

Lodging Near Camp

If you are planning on staying in Maine during your daughter’s drop off or pick up please make your reservations now.  For a list of suggested lodging click here.

Uniform & Packing List

Families often ask us why we have a uniform.  The answer goes back to two of our four goals for girls at Arcadia.  A uniform helps all of us to “cultivate understanding... Read more...

Horseback Riding Program

Campers interested in our horseback riding program will go to the stables twice a week for a two-hour time block in the morning or afternoon. The girls will learn about horse care, stable management and take riding lessons.

Community Service

“Make the world better and more beautiful because you have been in it.” is our mission. Therefore, the entire Camp community participates in age-appropriate community service each week.  Time for Community Service will be included on each campers’ schedule.

Visitors & PCW

Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic at this time we are unable to determine if we will be able to have visitors at Arcadia during the summer.  We will keep you up to date as we get closer to the season.

Activity Program

The structure of Arcadia’s activity program is designed to support our goals of ensuring our campers are comfortable in the out-of-doors and develop skills, are confident and... Read more...


Arcadia has four newly surfaced courts. Our tennis program is a combination of lessons, matches and casual hitting. Games and drills make tennis fun. We offer inner camp tennis tournaments as well as tournaments with other camps.

Guide to Arcadia

The Guide will help all families, new and returning, get ready for this summer. Please make sure that you and your daughter read the Guide in its entirety. Click here to log into your CampBrain account to access the Guide.


All forms are due April 15th.

Click here to log into your CampBrain account to access forms.

- Activity

- Uniform Rentals

- Medical

- Activity & Non-Activity Permissions

- Camper Profile

- Transportation

- Medical Forms and Waivers

Healthcare Team

  • Cindy Murphy leads the team.

  • Camp doctor is Kim Coleman, MD.

  • Healthcare Center is run by Casey Groth, RN.

  • Dr. Chris Thurber, psychologist, and Karen Cawley Mitchell, social worker, work with Cindy, Kim, and Casey to support the mental, emotional, and social health of our camp.

Staff Training

In preparation for every season, we hold specific training courses as well as a ten-day orientation for all members of the Camp Arcadia staff before Camp opens. This summer we are offering American Red Cross Lifeguard training (all counselors who work on the waterfront are required to have this certification), CPR/First Aid, Wilderness First Aid, and a five-day intensive training for the members of our trip department. Read more...


There are several things you can do to help your daughter with this transition. The first is to talk to your daughter about being away from home and the exciting adventure ahead of her. Talk with her about the feeling of separation, of missing home, so she is aware of what feelings she may encounter initially when she is away from you.


Healthcare Center

A nurse is on call in the Healthcare Center 24/7 and your camper can go to the Healthcare Center for
assistance if she does not feel well or has any specific issue or concern such as a sore throat, headache, etc.
Please begin talking to your camper now about how she will take care of herself while she is at Camp.



Homesickness Tips

Click here for a few ways to help your daughter prior to her arrival. As well as recommendations from other parents.


If your camper takes medication or over-the-counter (OTC) medication, please click here.